Our Services

Insurance Authorizations

We work diligently to obtain authorization through the insurance company, including appeals on the patient's behalf.

Patient Follow up

After a patient has used the device for a couple days, we follow up to answer any questions and make ourselves available for any future support.

In Service

Our professional representative presentations can be scheduled at no cost to doctors, clinics, nursing homes, or others to demonstrate our therapeutic devices.

Quick delivery

We understand the urgent nature of patient medical needs and work earnestly for quick insurance approval to provide quick delivery of therapeutic device.

Streamline Documentation

Our knowledgeable team prepares all required documentation while streamlining the process.

Patient Demonstration

CMS experienced technicians provide in-home demonstration and training at no additional costs.


CMSC promote actions that build trust with our customers and public officials.We respect and support patient freedom of choice. Our team is to be honest, truthful and fair to all concerned and act in good faith. CMSC employ staff that has been screened through references and who continue to improve their knowledge and skills in the provision of home care products and services. To comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Follow good business practices

and to represent available services and products accurately.

Provide prompt, reliable

and effective home care products and services appropriate for each individual’s needs, health and safety.

Protect the confidential nature

of each individual’s health care records and to not disclose information in the record except as permitted by law or regulation

To serve each individual

without discrimination on the basis of any characteristic prohibited by law.

Instruct each individual

and/or caregiver, in appropriate self-management and operation of the equipment and services provided.

Explain fully and accurately

to each individual and/or caregiver their rights and responsibilities with regard to home care products and services.


This list is non-exhaustive. Call office for other insurance we accept 914.751.1826